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Create Test Sets Define groups of tests to meet the various testing goals in your project. These might include, for example, testing a new version or a specific function in an application. Determine which tests to include in each test set. Schedule Runs Schedule test execution and assign tasks to testers. Test Director is NOT a requirements gathering tool Test Director is NOT an automated testing tool Test Director does NOT integrate with other non-Mercury. Developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software / Mercury. Mercury Quality Center, of which Mercury TestDirector is a component, provides a web-based system for automated software quality testing and management across a wide range of application environments.

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Hp Mercury Test Director

It is a Global Test Management tool, the industry’s first global test management solution. It helps organizations deploy high-quality applications more quickly and effectively. It has four modules: - Requirements - Test Plan - Test Lab - Defects These modules are seamlessly integrated, allowing for a smooth information flow between various testing stages. The completely Web-enabled TestDirector supports high levels of communication and collaboration among distributed testing teams, driving a more effective, efficient global application-testing process. Web-based Site Administrator: The Site Administrator includes tabs for managing projects, adding users and defining user properties, monitoring connected users, monitoring licenses and monitoring TestDirector server information.

Domain Management: TestDirector projects are now grouped by domain. All pokemon nds roms download. A domain contains a group of related TestDirector projects, and assists you in organizing and managing a large number of projects.

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Hp Test Director

Enhanced Reports and Graphs Additional standard report types and graphs have been added, and the user interface is richer in functionality. The new format enables you to customize more features. Version Control Version control enables you to keep track of the changes you make to the testing information in your TestDirector project. You can use your version control database for tracking manual, WinRunner and QuickTest Professional tests in the test plan tree and test grid.


Mercury Test Director 8.0 Free Download

Collaboration Module: The Collaboration module, available to existing customers as an optional upgrade, allows you to initiate an online chat session with another TestDirector user. While in a chat session, users can share applications and make changes. TestDirector Advanced Reports Add-in: With the new Advanced Reports Add-in, TestDirector users are able to maximize the value of their testing project information by generating customizable status and progress reports. The Advanced Reports Add-in offers the flexibility to create custom report configurations and layouts, unlimited ways to aggregate and compare data and ability to generate cross-project analysis reports. Automatic Traceability Notification: The new traceability automatically traces changes to the testing process entities—such as requirements or tests, and notifies the user via flag or e-mail. For example, when the requirement changes, the associated test is flagged and tester is notified that the test may need to be reviewed to reflect requirement changes.