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Contents • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] The story begins with a happy lower-middle-class family – Arun Verma () an 8-year-old boy, his sister Komal Verma () a 5-year-old girl, his mother () and his father () – living a peaceful life. Arun's parents teach their children through the famous title song 'Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayi Jung Hai, Jeet Jayenge Hum, Jeet Jayenge Hum Tu Agar Sang Hai' which means that life is full of problems at every step and still we will overcome all these if we are together. Arun's father is trapped in a murder case. A famous criminal lawyer G.D. Thakral () proves him guilty, and he is sentenced to be hanged by the court.

Released 1985, 'Meri Jung' stars Nutan, Anil Kapoor, Amrish Puri, Javed Jaffrey The movie has a runtime of about 2 hr 43 min, and received a score of (out of 100) on Metacritic, which assembled. Hindi Action Movie Meri Jung (1985) Bollywood Action Movie Starring: Anil Kapoor, Nutan, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Amrish Puri, Javed Jaffrey, Parikshat Sahni, Khushboo. Search Results of meri jung full movie. Check all videos related to meri jung full movie.


Pleas by Arun's mother fail to convince Thakral to be truthful and spare her husband. Thakral asks her to give evidence for his innocence, to which she sadly quotes, 'Jiske paas koi sabut, koi gavanh nahi hote kya we begunah nahin hote' ('one who does not have any proof or witness of innocence, are they not innocent?' Thakral was adamant to let her husband be hanged. He was hanged as per court's decision. His mother becomes mentally unstable from shock and is sent to a mental institution. Later Advocate Gupta (), the lawyer who defended Arun's father, finds out that Thakral had known all along that he was innocent, but only wanted him to be hanged. Arun finds out that Thakral abused the law.

Free download lagu coldplay hymn for the weekend. Arun's house and all his property are auctioned off by the court. Arun and his sister are not offered help. He grows up with the seeds of revenge in his heart. He becomes a successful defence lawyer and keenly follows every case of Thakral so that some day he can stand up in court against the unbeaten Thakral and beat him. One day Geeta Srivatsav () comes to him and asks him to fight the case of her sister, Dr. Asha Mathur (), who is accused of killing a patient on duty with her medicine, which she gave from her purse. Arun refuses saying that if she can produce even an iota of evidence of her sister being innocent he will fight for her.

Geeta replies coincidentally the same sentence 'Jiske paas koi sabut, koi gavanh nahi hote kya we begunah nahin hote.' Arun is instantly reminded of his mother's pleadings before Thakral. Geeta storms out of his office, but Arun is convinced to take the case.

He meets Asha Mathur in police custody. He learns from her that on that fateful night she got a call from her ward assistant that her patient is in the ICU and needs her. She stops on the way (due to a traffic jam), and she impatiently moves out of car her to ask the reason.

Meri Jung Full MovieMeri Jung Full Movie

Meanwhile, somebody replaces the medicine bottle with the look-alike bottle of poison from her purse. On arrival in the hospital, she gives the liquid from that bottle to stabilise the patient. This resulted in the patient's death. It is shown that Asha Mathur's husband, Dr. Dinesh Mathur (), had gone to meet Thakral and had asked him to fight his wife's case.

Thakral says no, claiming he is very busy at the moment, but later tells his assistant that there is no way that this case could be won. Arun meets Dinesh Mathur and informs him that he will fight the case. He asked him about the nature of poison and for how long a person can sustain the poison; he learns that poison might result in death within 2 to 15 minutes depending on the body's resistance.

Meri Jung Full Movie Download

The case begins with the prosecution lawyer recounting the events of that fateful day and telling that the medicine given to the patient was actually poison. Arun defends the case says that the patient did not die of this medicine. To prove himself right he drinks the medicine in court and refutes the claim. The court declares Geeta's sister not guilty. Just after the judgement, Dr.