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Metal Fight Beyblade Toys
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Beyblade: Metal Fusion logo In April 2008, announced the return of the Beyblade toyline with a completely new series called Metal Fight Beyblade (MFB) in Japan, after having suspended production in 2005. This new series is targeted towards a whole new generation of kids. The first releases were in stores around August 9th 2008. To gain a wider audience, a manga drawn by Adachi Takafumi, an anime and a Nintendo DS game that feature a whole new cast of characters have since been released, and sales have only been increasing.

Metal Fight Beyblade Toys L Drago

A new official organization called World BeyBlade Association (WBBA) constantly hosts tournaments in Japanese shops and in bigger events, such as the bi-annual World Hobby Fair. In a recent press release, TAKARA-TOMY indirectly revealed that Metal Fight Beyblade should be active, perhaps outside Japan, until 2012. Starting in spring 2010, Hasbro began distributing Beyblade: Metal Fusion in Canada, and fall 2010 in the United States and UK. It is unknown at the moment whether other countries will get the new beyblades around the same time. On March 28 2011, TAKARA-TOMY released the third series of MFB, Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. In 2011, Hasbro released the second Metal Fusion series under the name Beyblade: Metal Masters. MFB Chart Before the beginning of the anime in April 2009, Metal Fight Beyblades were constituted of four parts in what was known as the Metal System: • Face/Face Bolt: Hexagonal screw-like piece that fastens the Beyblade together, similar to from the.