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Contents • • • • • • • • • • Features overview [ ] Tribes of The East features many previous and improvements to the gameplay itself, left undone since the release of Hammers of Fate. Also, new features have been added. The primary attention of the has been put on the following game content: • A new was added to the game: the Stronghold. Moreover, an additional upgrade was added to all dwellings, which acts as the alternate upgrades of Heroes IV. The player is, however, able to choose between the two upgrades whenever a type of concerned creatures is being hired. The actual upgrade is also not permanent; a player can choose to change the creature to the other upgrade for a small fee.

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• Continuing the Hammers of Fate story, three full campaigns linking a single storyline are included. The first involves the Necropolis faction, featuring Arantir (the antagonist from ). The second focuses on the new Stronghold faction, starring the Orcish leaders Gotai and Kujin. The final campaign is primarily focused around the Academy faction, involving the return of the Wizard Zehir from the base game, along with an alliance of other factions against the demonic Inferno armies.

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There is also a prologue campaign, consisting of a single mission, that introduces the Orcs. • The combat interface features are redesigned to allow easier access to certain spells, including and Might abilities. New spells have been added with the intent of rebalancing the combat and adding more content to the gameplay.

The options for in-game and combat modes have a slight redesign for new settings, such as the creature's health change indicator and span. • The is redefined to support campaign creator and feasible to support the previous versions of game maps along with expanded terrain and texture creation possibilities. Model editor for the standalone product only can also be part of the game package upon release. • Many items are now part of a set that provides additional bonuses when worn together. They are also carried over between missions in the campaigns provided that the hero carrying them appears again.

Some of these bonuses are specific to one type of hero, others can be gained by all of them. • Some racial skills have been reworked, particularly Necromancy. Instead of raising only skeletons, Necromancers can now raise any Necropolis unit provided they can pay enough Dark Energy and suitable corpses are available - for instance, Bone Dragons can only be raised from slain Dragons. The dark energy is renewed every first day of the week. Story [ ] Rage of the Tribes [ ] The story begins after a Griffin Empire raid that results in the capture of several Orcs which causes the character Quroq, an Orc chief, to conquer the Haven city Voron Peak, which arouses the attention of the false Queen Isabel, realizing that the orcs are attacking.

Might And Magic 5 Guide

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The queen sends forth her most trusted servant, the zealous Archbishop Alaric to ward off the Orc invasion. The events that happen between this and the next time we see the Orcs are unknown, though Quroq is killed by Alaric at some point. The Will of Asha [ ] Meanwhile, the Necromancer Arantir is driven by his mistress, the Goddess Asha, to fight against the demonic corruption in the Haven cities. He meets up with a novice Dark Knight named Ornella, introduced to him by Giovanni the vampire. With Ornella, now turned into a Necromancer, at his side, Arantir sets out towards the city of Flammschrein, the holy city which has been desecrated by the demon Orlando. After killing Orlando, Arantir visits the graves of Flammschrein where he frees a fragment of the true Queen Isabel's soul. Upon doing so, the succubus impostor who had been taking the place of the queen is revealed and she is forced to change plans and take over the capital with brute force.

Might And Magic 5 Help

Arantir however learns of the Demon Messiah and leaves to attempt to stop the prophecy, leading to his appearance in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. He does not appear in the final campaign. To Honor Our Fathers [ ] At the same time (as it is revealed later), the young Orc Gotai takes lead of the Orcs and hopes to crush the demons. In order to do so, however, he must brave many trials, the first of which is to gather the support of various tribes. To do so, Gotai sends Kujin, who manages to assemble an army of Orcs. Gotai then chooses to respect the soul of Kunyak, the greatest of the Orcs who led them to freedom, by going to his burial place in a wizard city.