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I don't post on here much, so I apologize if this is in the wrong section or if there's already something like this I have a redeem code for the Windows 10 Minecraft. Downhill domination pc. It says on my Mojang account that I redeemed it back on August 20 2015, but when I did I never received a copy of the game. Of course, when I try and enter the code on Microsoft's redeem page it says it's already been entered. I know it's probably late that I'm just posting this now, but I just recently got back into Minecraft and I forgot that the Windows 10 Edition was even a thing Here's some screenshots: What should I do? Windows 10: Issues with redeeming code for Minecraft Beta Edition.

After redeeming minecraft windows 10 gift code this happens. View Profile. Trying to get free windows 10 minecraft and it wouldn't work!! Tp link 722. Inteligencia emocional libro daniel goleman pdf. Just got the minecraft windows 10 edition beta but cant redeem the key at the store for some resaon. Hope they fixsit.


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Hi, I realize the inconvenience you are experiencing with redeeming a code for Minecraft Beta Edition app on Windows 10. The issue could occur if the code is not redeemed properly or it is already redeemed. To assist you better, please provide us the information below: • When you say that 'redeem my Minecraft Beta edition', how exactly have you tried to redeem the code? I suggest you to refer to the steps provided in the Microsoft Help Article about redeeming the code and check if it helps.