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  1. Wii Iso Wii Game Collection
Torrent wii gameCollectionNintendo Wii Collection Torrent

Wii Iso Wii Game Collection

2014 Even though the Wii's official library is set, both the GameCube and Wii are entering a new golden age as a popular environment for randomizers, full-game mods, incredible cheat codes, and much more. Stalwarts like the, Project M have been around for years, but now there are many other communities around various games breathing new life into them. You can find codes to help balance games like, content mods for that add tons of new rides and hundreds of songs, and trackpacks for that add hundreds of custom tracks to the game. 's also provides their own backup Wi-Fi servers for many unmodified games and their Mario Kart mods! While most of these mods can be enjoyed on a hacked Wii, many users rely on Dolphin in order to play them. Emulating these mods can be quite the challenge, as they often will do things in ways that game developers would not. Assumptions that Dolphin makes can often be broken and certain features that mod developers use can be extremely slow or downright unreasonable to emulate.