Numbers On Micro Sd Cards

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On closer observation, the edges of the Fake Samsung Micro SD Card was black. On all official Samsung Micro SD Card, the plastic edging is white. When they manufacture the fake micro sd cards, the costs involved to have the edges white is too expensive, so this is another giveaway. Black edges on a Samsung Micro SD Card always means it's a fake. Also check the text sharpness on the face of the micro sd card. If this is not sharp or a little bit off, you can guarantee that it would not have passed Samsung's quality control. Informative, but incorrect.

How to Fix Memory Card Errors: The Definitive Guide. How to Recover Lost Password of Micro SD Card Geek Dashboard; Chapter 6: Deleted Photos, or Formatted Card by Accident. In your case, best to try several other data recovery software. I tested a number of such programs and found that quality of recovered items among.


First off, the edges of the edges of a true Samsung SD card are not always white. In fact, I still have yet to see a white edged card.

What The Markings On Sd Cards Mean

Of course, I'm not paying attention to that detail either. Note the picture of my 128gb card.

I bought this card from Walmart in the edge. And secondly, the incorrect size listed when you insert it into the computer may be a simple formatting error. In Windows computer, using diskpart to clean the card and then storage manager to format the card will typically take care of this issue. As far as the packaging is concerned, the punch out doesn't substantiate anything really, and therefore shouldn't be misconstrued as a sign of counterfeit. Also, the region code you refer to doesn't amount to anything either.

Numbers On Micro Sd Cards

That's just the market it was intended to be sold in.think of it like a car. A Volkswagen built in Texas doesn't HAVE to be sold there. Don't instructables say We have a be nice policy and Please be positive and constructive? You come over as defensive of your purchase, however I'd be looking more closely at it. Use the information given as guidance as the author says - indication not definitely- of being fake cards. Also ALL of my Samsung cards have white edges. If yours isn't white I'd recommend doing full testing using some of the freely available software test programs, I wouldn't feel comfortable* about that card.

The 128 sees to printed in a heavier font (like bold rather than normal) than genuine Samsung cards- look at google images and you'll see that the font isn't bold. *Note that I did not say that your card is fake, but that I feel that it would warrant further testing if I owned one like it. I hope it is not fake but it is better to be sure rather than lose data at some future point. Firstly, in regards to the edges of a True Samsung Micro SD Card, why would Samsung go to the trouble of creating advertising with White Edges if they were going to create cards with black edges? I know that the White Edges are actually a counterfeit measure used by Samsung. This is because it is easier and cheaper for a counterfeiter to use black plastic. Your particular card may be an off chance 'Black' version, but like your one micro sd with black edges, I have 10 with white edges.

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Numbers On Micro Sd Cards

Micro Sd 16gb Cards

I've purchased different models of Samsung Micro SD Cards from a range of different countries to check the differences. All had white edges.