Pa Vm Esx 6.1.0

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Vmware Esxi 6.0

VM-Series Firewalls—Hypervisor Support The following table shows hypervisor version support on the VM-Series firewall. Deployment P!-'S V ersion Support Hypervisor V ersion Support #ase $mage%e&uire' from the Palo lto!etwor(s Support Portal Private )lou' Deployments VM-Series for VMware vSphere Hypervisor *+S,i *without VMware!S, P!-'S ./ P!- 'S .0 P!-'S 1./ 2./3 2.03 an' 2.2 P !-'S for VM-Series #ase $mages For e4ample3 the 'ownloa'-able image name is5 P-VM-././.6ip P-VM- .0./.6ip P -VM-+S,-1./.0.ova P!-'S 1.0 2.03 2.23 an' ./ P -VM-+S,-1.0./.ova VM-Series for VMware!S, vSphere with VMware!S, an' Panorama vail able on the VM-0///-HV 7apa7ity li7ense only.