Penal Code Kenya Pdf Download

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Penal code kenya pdf download
  1. Kenyan Penal Code Pdf

Criminal Procedure Code [Cap 21] Fiji Legislation You are here: >> >> >> Criminal Procedure Code [Cap 21] Criminal Procedure Code [Cap 21] LAWS OF FIJI Ed. 1978] CHAPTER 21 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I - PRELIMINARY SECTION 1. Trial of offences under and other laws. PART II - POWERS OF COURTS 4. Offences under. Offences under other laws.

Sentences which Supreme Court may pass. Sentences which a resident magistrate may pass.

Penal code kenya pdf download download

Visit for more downloads PENAL CODE ACT CHAPTER 53 LFN (ABUJA) ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS1[*] SECTION 1. Kenya's Constitution of 2010. Candidates for election and political parties to comply with code of conduct. PDF generated: 27 Jul 2018.

Sentences which a second class magistrate may pass. Sentences which a third class magistrate may pass. Powers and jurisdiction of Fijian courts. Combination of sentences. Sentence in cases of conviction of several offences at one trial.

PART III - GENERAL PROVISIONS ARREST, ESCAPE AND RETAKING Arrest Generally 13. Arrest, how made. Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested. Power to break out of house, etc., for purpose of liberation. No unnecessary restraint. Search of arrested persons. Power of police officers to detain and search persons, vehicles and vessels in certain circumstances.

Mode of searching women. Power to seize offensive weapons. Arrest without warrant 21.

Arrest by police officer without warrant. Refusal to give name and residence. Disposal of persons arrested by police officer. Arrest by private person.

Kenyan Penal Code Pdf

Disposal of person arrested by private person. Detention of persons arrested without warrant. Offence committed in magistrate's presence. Arrest by magistrate. Escape and Retaking 29. Recapture of person escaping. Application of provisions of sections 14 and 15.