Ptmg V2 And V2.1 Patch For Gta San Andreas

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Ptmg V2 And V2.1 Patch For Gta San Andreas

Close Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PTMG Edition v2.1) PS2 ISO (PAL) 3.1 Gb This is the latest version of the PTMG modded version of GTA San Andreas for the PS2. This is NOT just the mod, but the game with the mod applied to the game. I personally attached the mod to my original PS2 rip of the game and have played the game on my PS2 with SwapMagic 3.6 and it works just fine:) If you don't know anything about this mod then use your old trusty Google search engine:) If you are a fan of GTA then you really need to check out this cool mod:) Brings life back to San Andreas:) Confirmed working with SwapMagic 3.6 A word of caution - When the game starts with you on the street, do NOT jump on the bicycle, you MUST PRESS R2 AND UP TO ACTIVATE THE MOD, if you do not then THE GAME WILL FREEZE AND YOU WILL NEED TO RESET YOUR PS2! PASS: witchfinder ALL MY UPLOADS ARE VIRUS/SPYWARE FREE AND ALL HAVE BEEN PERSONALLY TESTED BEFORE UPLOADING!!

GTA San Andreas [Mod PTMG v2.1] multi 4 DVDPS2 iso. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Real v2 ----- ****English**** Thank you for downloading GTA SA Rv2. Some of you may have heard of or played the first version, which was crawling with bugs, but I assure you, v2 is a lot more stable. The most important thing is that you can, unlike in the first. Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2) Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas (PTMG Edition Version 2.1 Mod) (Region Converted) MUST READ: This is a mod of San Andreas for PS2. Tons of cheats and mods. GTA PTMG Edition – Playstation 2. Watch eyeshield 21 online.

Patch For Gta San Andreas