Que Es Educación Vial

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Que Es Seguridad Vial

'The road user on foot' is an important section in the UK's Highway Code. I don't know if it's actually taught in schools, but when I was a kid we had to learn about all that sort of thing, in Brownies and Guides, too. I remember visits from the police to give us talks and practical sessions with a mock-up of the street and the zebra crossing and traffic lights etc, films (in my day it was before videos!) and so-on, learning the 'kerb drill' parrot fashion from the age of 4 or 5 etc etc, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, as a subject on the school timetable or whatever. Yes, that's it! ISTR there was a big publicity campaign which went way beyond schools and institutions, since this is a matter for public not academic education, with membership for kids of the Tufty Club, using squirrels as suitably cute but diligent and hard-working role models to attract the kids. Oh dear, going back down memory lane! - and giving away my age Google provides heaps of background info and insights and reminds that 'Safety education and awareness' is heavily culturally influenced.

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Que Es Educación Vial

Que Es Educacion Vial En Guatemala

Mar 27, 2016- Explore Maria Lemos Cerqueira's board 'educacion vial' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cars, Nursery rhymes and Preschool. May 4, 2018 - PDF On Jan 1, 2000, Luis Montoro and others published Manual de seguridad vial: El factor humano.