Rainbow Definition For Kids

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But you can also make rainbows for easy kid’s science activities at home or school. Explore light and refraction when you make rainbows using a variety of simple supplies. Awesome hands-on science activity of kids of all ages. A rainbow is an arc of color in the sky that can be seen when the sun shines through falling rain. The pattern of colors starts with red on the outside and changes. The rainbow is a symbol of Gods faithfulness and mercy. In the 'rainbow around the throne,' ( Revelation 4:3 ) is seen the symbol of hope and the bright emblem of mercy and love, all the more true as a symbol because it is reflected from the storm itself. The rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon; knowing the significance of each of the colors of the rainbow makes it even more beautiful. While Nature or God has created this glorious natural phenomenon; philosophers have given a meaning to its colors.

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Film ' Rainbow Kids' is a 1990 Japanese film. Its original Japanese title is Daiyūkai. It was directed.

Do you suspect your child is a Rainbow child? All children are unique, of course, but are somehow set apart. They appear to be more evolved than the majority of human beings.

Find out the signs of a Rainbow child. 21 Signs of a Rainbow Child • A Rainbow child is usually born to a Crystal adult. • Rainbow children choose to incarnate into stable families, whereas, their processors, the Indigos chose dysfunctional environments.

• Rainbows are new souls. They come without the baggage of previous incarnations. • They are usually psychic or extremely intuitive. They accept their psychic gifts as a normal part of their life. It’s no big deal to them. • They are hyperactive and high-energy. You may even feel a buzz when you are near one as their personal energy fields vibrate so intensely.

A Rainbow child might need to run everywhere, or to start hopping, skipping and jumping spontaneously. • They are drawn to bright colors. The brighter, the better. • Their male/female characteristics are balanced, hence the emergence of the gender-neutral culture.

• They are passionate, creative and enthusiastic. If you had to assign a tarot suit to them, it would be Wands/Fire • They are impervious to low energy and vibration, shrugging it off and moving on. • They gravitate toward other Rainbows, joining together to form a super high-energy bond. • They have innate understanding that they are connected to, and are part of, all-that-is. They have no sense of separation. • They are natural healers.

What Makes Rainbows For Kids

• They may share some physical characteristics with Crystals, such as their big eyes and clear gaze. Yet whereas Crystal children look deep into your soul, you will never feel judged by a Rainbow child. • Rainbow children reflect your feelings and traits back to you.

• A Rainbow child is compassionate. They are here to love humanity and to be of service. • A Rainbow child may be a channel for benevolent spiritual entities. • They are not interested in competing with others, so unlikely to be sporty unless they are doing it for the sheer joy. • Rainbow children forgive easily. In fact, forgiveness is almost an alien concept to them.


Acceptance is the kind of forgiveness they practice. • They are strong-willed. Once we might have described them as stubborn, but this is not the case. They are focused on their reasons for being here and anything else is just distraction. • They may not talk until three or four years old.

A little like Crystal children, but more so. They are tuned in to the cosmos and don’t need to communicate verbally. They are quite aware of what is going on around them. • Like you, their Crystal parent, they are fearless. Rainbow Children Q&A Why Have Rainbow Children Come? Rainbow children are the third wave of Star children.

Facts About Rain And Rainbows

These children are here to heal the planet and restore the balance between the world and the people who live here. They are here to lead by example, to teach by reflecting our distorted values back to us, and to remove the ‘dirty’ energy that permeates the human race at this time. Rainbows, together with other highly developed human souls, will eventually create a web of high vibrating energy that stretches right around the planet. These human souls are collectively known as ‘light workers’. Light workers don’t have to do anything specific to help humanity to evolve.