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Ready to Die is the debut studio album by American rapper; it was released on September 13, 1994,. The label's first release, the album features production by Bad Boy founder,,, and, among others. Recording for the album took place during 1993 to 1994 at The Hit Factory and D&D Studios in New York City. The partly autobiographical album tells the story of B.I.G.'

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S experiences as a young criminal. Ready to Die is his only studio album released during his lifetime, as he was murdered just days prior to the release of his second album, Life After Death (1997).

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On March 24, 2006, Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records won a federal lawsuit against Bad Boy Records for copyright infringement, with a jury deciding that Combs and Bad Boy had illegally used samples for the production of the songs 'Ready to Die', 'Machine Gun Funk', and 'Gimme the Loot'. The jury awarded $4.2 million in punitive and direct damages to the two plaintiffs, and federal judge Todd Campbell enacted an immediate sales ban on the album and tracks in question. On appeal, the Sixth Circuit found the damages unconstitutionally high and in violation of due process and remanded the case, at which point Campbell reduced them by $2.8 million; however, the verdict was upheld. All versions of the album released since the lawsuit are without the disputed samples.

Wallace attended the before transferring out at his own request At Queen of All Saints Middle School, Wallace excelled, winning several awards as an English student. He was nicknamed 'Big' because of his overweight size by age 10. He said he started when he was around the age of 12. His mother, often away at work, did not know of his drug dealing until he was an adult. Wallace began as a teenager, entertaining people on the streets and performed with local groups the Old Gold Brothers and the Techniques. At his request, Wallace transferred from to, where future rappers, and were also attending. According to his mother, Wallace was still a good student but developed a 'smart-ass' attitude at the new school.

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At seventeen, Wallace dropped out of school and became more involved in crime. In 1989, he was arrested on weapons charges in Brooklyn and sentenced to five years' probation.


In 1990, he was arrested on a violation of his probation. A year later, Wallace was arrested in for dealing.

He spent nine months in jail before making bail. 1991–1994: Career beginnings and first child After being released from jail, Wallace made a under the name Biggie Smalls, a reference to a character in the 1975 film as well as his stature; he stood at 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) and weighed 300 to 380 lb (140–170 kg) according to differing accounts. The tape was reportedly made with no serious intent of getting a recording deal.

However, it was promoted by New York-based DJ, who had previously worked with, and in 1992 it was heard by the editor of. In March 1992, Wallace was featured in The Source 's Unsigned Hype column, dedicated to aspiring rappers, and made a recording off the back of this success. The demo tape was heard by and record producer, who arranged for a meeting with Wallace. He was signed to Uptown immediately and made an appearance on label mates 's 'A Buncha Niggas' (from the album ). Soon after Wallace signed his recording contract, Combs was fired from Uptown and started a new label,. Wallace followed and signed to the label in mid-1992.

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On August 8, 1993, Wallace's longtime girlfriend gave birth to his first child, T'yanna. Wallace had split with the girlfriend some time before T'yanna's birth.