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Dec 19, 2018 - Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC is a possibility even if Rockstar isn't saying. Heck, you can even get Bully on Steam. Rockstar's never. The original Red Dead Redemption released back in 2010 for Xbox 360 and PS3. There has always been a lot of outcry for a PC but the game has never been ported to PC. Of course it’s still.


Red Dead Redemption Pc Version


Originally posted by:No? Didn't Rockstar say no PC version is coming out? Hell, I remember they claimed making RDR1 for PC was impossible. No that was a translation error of that article.

Red Dead Redemption Pc Steam

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They never made any definite statement. It was more a ' not at this time'. And there are already hints in the smartphone app for RDR2 that points at a pc port. Was the same with GTA 5. Its most likely that Rockstart will wait a year or 2 till the next generation of consoles are out, then release a 'remaster' for them with better graphic and higher FPS and that will come out for PC at the same time.

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Again, like with GTA 5. Download winning eleven 9 setup for pc