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: Of course it used ki, I never denied that or stated otherwise. But that's exactly what I meant. I said just pure muscle strength. This is clearly a use of hakai, which is both ki ability and hax at the same time, this has nothing to do with muscle strength. Still, a ki enhanced tap is a tap nonetheless and thus, a planetary physical feat(using ki to enhance it, obviously). Which has nothing to do with this thread, if we assume we just take physical strength and speed and nothing else into consideration here.

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Besides, it's consistent with Frieza's destruction of Earth with a palm strike Are you kidding me? He used ki attack to blow up and destroy the planet WTF a palm strike are you serious. Travis scott rodeo deluxe zip. And Champa's casual planet busting with a kick. Champa never busted a planet with a kick.


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Champa and Beerus destroyed planets in their fight but it CLEARLY involved them using hakai and a lot of ki energy, so these feats have notihng to do with muscle strength. I see no reason to disregard it. So, unless you can give me a concrete reason why these things aren't valid, stop wasting my time. You're welcome. Also Saitama stomps Jiren, because without the use of ki, muscle power of SSJ BLUE Kaioken x20 Goku s also almost featless. Vegeta couldn't lift 1000 tons in super and he fought Beerus, which means physical strength of even high tiers in Super is still pretty low.

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Saitama casually does punches with planetary scale so yeah, GG. Btw, I'm only saying this because the rules of this thread are not clear.

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It's not said if Jiren can use ki to enhance himself or his punches, or not. These debates are so damn uncertain at times because some people are like 'FEATS ONLY, NO SCALING' then others are like 'STATEMENTS ARE BAD, BUT SCALING AND FEATS ARE OKAY' or 'LORE WOG ARE FINE TOO' then the other guy says 'NUH UH' differing standards from debater to debater, made up stipulations as to how and what they want to accept. Like, before you guys even debated, did you even agree to a standard about arguing about imaginary fictional characters? Sejarah senam lantai kayang. If you didn't, it becomes disorganized shitlessness that lead to nowhere. There's a reason that VSBattles has more publicity than even DC Wikia, even though it's a stupid site, at least there's a consistency of standards between debaters. 'Let's see scared to tag me' Doesn't tag Deathstar instead lmao and keeps assuming things.