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Contents [] Organization, a pope that survived a holy war. The absolute commander of the sanctuary is the reencarnation of Athena, however, such incarnations only appear on Earth at every two centuries or so (whenever the god and his awake).

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Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary Episode 2

Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary

Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary And Inferno Dvd Cover

Saint seiya hades sanctuary episode 8

Therefore, a human representative, known as, is chosen among the saints to lead them between the eras. Under the Pope, there are the 12, who act as generals to Athena's army, leading the soldiers and lower-ranked saints into battle. Some are given command over units of their own rank, or soldiers, but they must prove to be good leaders. The main objective of the sanctuary's existence (and the reason that humans allied with Athena) is to protect humanity and the world from divine forces that want to destroy or conquer it.


Athena's love for mankind inspired the birth of the saints, and the making of their during the holy wars against. The sanctuary usually intervene in affairs that threaten the peace and/or lives of a great quantity of people. In the beginning of the Saint Seiya series, battles are fought to win back the control of the Sanctuary from, the impersonator of the former Pope (in the manga, Shion, in the anime, ). In the first part of the series - composed by arcs,,,, and - the five fight the pope's troops in order to control the sanctuary, the only place from which Athena and her saints could effectively protect the world against the yet greater threats. It is revealed later in the series that the saints are not the only humans to know about cosmo. In the arcs (inexistent in the manga) and of the series, the sanctuary faces threats from, the god of the sea, who controls the troops of the against the saints and, later, battles them in his own kingdom with his, in order to cause a great flood that would 'cleanse the world of evil.' The biggest threat is later revealed in the next arc of the manga, which was not animated in the anime (but later in OVAs), the.

Saint Seiya Watch Online

It is revealed that every 264 years or so, a fierce holy war between Hades and Athena takes place, and while the saints fight for peace, the specters seek the world's dominance, believing that only the strong should rule. The spin-offs and are centered around the sanctuary, as well as the newest part of the original series, Saint Seiya: (sequel canonical). The Colosseum A fight in the Colosseum, as shown in The Lost Canvas.

The Colosseum (コロッセオ, Korosseo) is one of the deepest areas of the sanctuary, as well as one of the first locations (in the anime, the very first) shown in the original series. Here we witness becoming the Saint.

Old pirate movies on youtube. The colosseum is mainly used to hold fights between the trainees to decide the wearers of certain, and as a place for practice. This place is located very near to the foot of the Gold Zodiac, as and the five main are welcomed and introduced to the Gold Zodiac by here. The Fire Clock The Fire Clock, as seen in the Hades OVAs. The Fire Clock (火時計, Hidokei) is the most prominent structure of the sanctuary, along with Athena’s Colossus. It is a colossal clock tower with four sides, so that it can be seen from anywhere in the sanctuary. On each side of the clock, twelve blue-colored flames are lit.

Saint Seiya Hades Sanctuary Episode 8

Each flame represents a zodiac sign, and takes about an hour to extinguish. Once lit, the clock will take about 12 hours to extinguish all of its flames. The flames are only lit to mark or time important battles or events, being used twice in the original manga series. First marking the battle of the 12 Temples, and then marking the invasion of the, as well as the start of the Athena-Hades of the era.