Salma New Song

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New Duet by Salma and Son Rahe Jahani. Download and please feel free to comment.

Like our facebook page AfghanLounge and follow us on Genre Comment by Wha wha.Just beautiful 2015-06-15T03:50:47Z Comment by Very nice! 2014-11-25T04:00:21Z Comment by Wow this is really beautiful waqhand!!! 2014-09-11T22:25:50Z Comment by Nice songs 2014-03-07T00:38:14Z Comment by زيباست وشنيدنى! 2014-03-05T16:57:18Z Comment by besyar khob wa khosh ayand 2014-02-05T02:24:39Z Comment by so beautiful 2013-12-19T03:09:15Z Comment by Talent speaks and presents itself and certainly you have the vocal and musical talent. Wish you more success.

Salma New Song 2019

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Salma New Song

Regards, 2013-12-07T01:50:38Z Comment by Magnifique! Street fighter computer game free. 2013-10-30T22:09:05Z Comment by amazingggg. Just found out noe that your sorayai jaan son, not so suprised about your talent.Beautiful song + vocal 2013-09-17T05:35:46Z Comment by Gut 2013-09-11T18:50:34Z Comment by The best 2013-06-27T06:40:14Z Comment by this is ali etemadis song 2013-06-15T14:49:17Z Comment by Smoking a chilam & black label on the rocks and this song is hitting the spot!!!!!!!! 2013-06-14T00:45:52Z Comment by Rahee jaan e nazaneen, Amzing song namekhoda. 2013-06-13T09:57:08Z Comment by Wow so beautiful! 2013-06-11T02:59:56Z Comment by No doubt that Rahe jahani has voice and talent.