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Play uncharted 4 online free. Rating ( 80% score) - 1 vote S7-200 PLCs are built very compact and powerful: The SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC is fast, communication-capable and highly productive in real-time mode. The S7-200 Micro PLC from Siemens can be used as either a stand-alone Micro PLC solution or in conjunction with other controllers.S7-200 PLCs are built with two different generations of CPUs. Figure 1 displays different categorized models of S7-200 PLCs based on their CPUs.


Figure 2 illustrates few different models of CPU 21X and 22X PLCs. Thus far, S7-200 is produced with 10 different CPU types. Figure 2 Figure 2 illustrates 4 typical models of 22 X series – from top left CPU 221, CPU 222, CPU 224 and finally CPU 226 Reminder Production of CPU 21X is discontinued, and since CPU 22X and SIPLUSE 22X are physically smaller with higher clock rate compared to 21X, they are the models mostly used in industries nowadays. The former CPUs have some digital I/O ports on board.

Leawo registration code free. SIPLUSE 22X models are designed to withstand temperature ranges from 25C to 70C and function in Hydrochloric and Sulphuric chemical environments. In order to use a PLC to control a process, it must be hardwired to power supply and some field devices. Figures 3 and 4 display how two different models of SIMATIC S7/200 families can be hardwired to input/output devices. As an example, CPU 221 DC/DC/DC is supposed to be energized by a 20.4 to 28.8 VDC power supply, it has 14 DC inputs and 10 DC outputs. See Figure 3.

On the other hand, CPU 222 AC/DC/RLY (means PLC is supposed to be energized by 85-264 VAC mains power source @ 47-63 Hz), it has 8 DC inputs and 6 relay outputs. See Figure 4. Figure 4 displays I/O, power supply and DC sensor supply section of S7-200 model pictured in Figure 3. In figure 3 there are bunch of LEDs which inform the operator what is the working condition of PLC in use. The meaning of any led is turned on/off is as following Status LEDs: SF: System Fault, RUN: PLC is executing a program STOP: standby mode. I/O LEDs: turns on anytime, each input or output port is activated. TERM SWITCH: (top right): when mode switch is on “RUN”, position, CPU executes the prepared software. CPU “ STOPS” execution when switch on stop position.

Siemens Simatic S7 Software

And finally when switch is positioned on “TERM”, PLC operator is ready to choose the PLC’s operating mode. POT1, POT2: analog potentiometers to control analog sensor settings (top right).

M/L (output DC Sensor Supply) terminals: PLC provides 24 VDC power for input sensors or expansion modules (280 MA). RS232 Port: is used to connect PLC to a PC and download programs.

Figure 5 In Figure 5, under little access door indicated by number “1”, these facilities are located: Mode selector switch (RUN/STOP), analog adjustment potentiometer(s), and expansion port (for most CPUs). Mode selector switch STOP, TERM, RUN function as it was mentioned for CPU 214.Status LEDs: System Fault, RUN, STOP also functions as explained already.Section indicated by number “2” can accommodate an optional cartridge: EEPROM, Real-time Clock battery. The “ Analog adjustment” can be used to increase or decrease some values related to PLC’s Timer or Counter set values. When the POT is turned around, it does change the numerical analog values related to set values or limits inside the special section located in PLC’s memory.

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Optional Cartridge can be used to transfer program from one S7-200 to another S7-200 one. This cartridge is usually an EEPROM type of storage device.For S7-221 and S7-222 there is a real-time clock with battery backup available (can be placed inside of the cartridge socket). The battery provides up to 200 days of data retention time in the event of a power loss. The S7-224 and S7-226 have a real-time clock built in. Another cartridge is available with a battery only.