Symantec Boot Disk Creator

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Maaveeran tamil movie download. The steps to create a ghost boot disk manually is as follows: (please note you have to have the original symantec ghost solution suite installed for this to work and have the applicable ethernet driver folder on your C Drive) 1.Download and install the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) for Windows 7 from the following URL: 2.Burn the WAIK ISO file to a DVD or extract the contents of the image file to a folder. 3.Install Windows Automated Installation Kit using default values. (StartCD.exe if you extracted the files).


4.Open Deployment Tools Command Prompt. •Start>All Programs>Microsoft Windows AIK>Deployment Tools Command Prompt 5.Mount a Windows PE image.

Symantec Boot Disk Creator

Letters from iwo jima trailer. A.> copype.cmd x86 c: winpe_x86 b.> imagex /mountrw c: winpe_x86 winpe.wim 1 c: winpe_x86 mount 6.Copy the ghost executables to the image. A.> copy 'C: Program Files Symantec Ghost gdisk32.exe' C: winpe_x86 mount Windows System32 b.> copy 'C: Program Files Symantec Ghost ghost32.exe' C: winpe_x86 mount Windows System32 c.> copy 'C: Program Files Symantec Ghost GhConfig32.exe' C: winpe_x86 mount Windows System32 7.Add NIC drivers to the image. The following example command assume you downloaded the drivers such as Intel, Broadcom, and Realtek and added them to a folder called c: drivers. The Recurse argument will search all subdirectories for all drivers to add. A.> Dism /Image:c: winpe_x86 mount /Add-Driver /Driver:c: drivers /Recurse 8.Automate the initialization of Ghost as follows: •Modify the startnet.cmd batch file (C: winpe_x86 mount Window System32 startnet) with a new line stating 'x: windows system32 ghost32.exe' 9.Unmount the image. •> imagex /unmount c: winpe_x86 mount /commit 10.Close any windows showing this folder and any programs using these files. 11.Replace the default boot image in ISO with the new customized image.

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Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Ghost Boot Disk Creator 3.0. It says to contact Symantec regarding the update, but after contacting them, and sending them the inform. Symantec Ghost Boot Disk Creator 3.0.

Ghost Boot Disk Wizard

•> copy c: winpe_x86 winpe.wim c: winpe_x86 ISO sources boot.wim 12.Create an ISO file. •> oscdimg -n -bc: winpe_x86 c: winpe_x86 ISO c: winpe_x86 winpe_x86.iso 13. The ISO can now be burned to a CD or DVD as an image to make the CD/DVD bootable.