Television Theme Songs

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Television Theme Songs

Here at TVOvermind, we have given you lists of the most recognizable TV theme songs from both the and the. Now, we step into the modern age and take a look at the television themes that have come out over the past fourteen years. Even though it feels like there have been less and less TV theme songs in recently, as shows have opted to cut down on their opening credit sequences in order to allot for more time for their actual episodes, there have been, without any doubt, some great opening tunes over the past decade-plus. Here are the 15 most recognizable TV theme songs from the 21st century. Photo via Fox Mad Men While people talk about everything else regarding Mad Men (the writing, the performances, the production and costume design, etc.) other than its opening theme song, it’s too good not to be recognized. The song is an instrumental piece entitled “A Beautiful Mine” by RJD2, and it’s as hauntingly beautiful (like the song’s title would suggest) as the animated credit sequence that it accompanies, setting the mood and tone of Mad Men quite perfectly.

[youtube]. Photo via AMC New Girl I may be in the minority here, but I’ve never had anything against Zooey Deschanel or the character of Jess Day, even from the beginning of New Girl. So when I watched the pilot for the series back in 2011 and saw the opening credits sequence, which featured a theme song called “Who’s That Girl?” that was performed by Deschanel herself, I found the tune bright and charming. Three seasons in, and I still love the New Girl theme song, which has been widely known and beloved by fans of the series.

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The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (Harry Nilsson, “Best Friend”) The early 1970s saw a string of shows dealing with single parenthood, but only one of them had a theme song by Harry Nilsson. But music, for the most part, is devoid of words. This is especially true of most TV theme songs. The melody of the song is a right-brain cue that is able to cut through all of the verbal clutter and send a clear, unmistakeable message. Music Messages. A theme song can be used to send a number of different messages. The song could. 100 Greatest TV Theme Songs. By GreggEns created - 17 Aug 2012 updated - 23 Aug 2013 Public. These are the 100 theme songs that have the right mix of.