The Chumra Song Lyrics

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The Chumra Song Lyrics

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Shyne, now living in Jerusalem and going by the name Moses Levi, is planning to release two new albums in the spring with Def Jam records. He took some time from his yeshiva studies to talk with. Amongst the minor financial rewards, and great spiritual rewards, are the minor perks, like spying on the creative process involved with putting together Lev Aryeh’s famous new viral youtube videos, the Purim release The Aveirah Song, and the new just for fun summer release: The Chumrah Song – the official sequel to The Aveirah Song. (Warning – Looking at youtube may be dangerous to your spiritual health, so probably it’s better to view them using the links below. What are the lyrics to the “Aveirah song”? July 2, 2013 2:17 pm at 2:17 pm #1076991 HaLeiVi. The Chumra song can have doing Bikur Cholim.

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