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I’m not a fan of television. It’s not because I’m some anti-television nut. It’s actually much simpler: I don’t care for the programming.

May 2, 2017 - You don't need a pricey subscription to enjoy top TV on your phone. Oct 5, 2017 - Free TV Online streaming sites are here. Watch free tv streaming of 5000+ best channels on your PC/Laptop. Movies,TV Shows,Sports,News. TV is a free service that offers 3000 channels of live, streaming television. This program requires no installation, and is completely free - forever!

Too many “reality” shows. Too many “competition” shows. Too many shows with the same premise. And then the remakes–talk about unoriginal! Most of it’s fake or interchangeable in my mind. That’s why I cut the cord on cable many years ago.

And I’m not alone! With cable and satellite television programming costing more than some car payments these days, people are looking for ways to watch their favorite shows without blowing a majority of their discretionary funds.

Totally Free Internet Tv

Totally Free Internet Tv

I can completely understand, as I laugh when I hear what some people pay for something that, for the most part, I find absolutely dreadful. Heck, I hear what my parents say they pay and even then they occasionally complain about “nothing be on”. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. In case you aren’t able to match my results, go check out Amazon’s selection where you can get for great prices and still save a bundle over cable!

Yes, I said it, it is completely true in some cases. It’s not guaranteed to work in all cases, but this is what worked (and still does) for me. That’s why I starred AND underlined may in the heading! There are no strings attached.

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You don’t need to buy one of those hacked universal decoders (if those are still a thing–I’m probably dating myself a bit here too). You don’t need to buy any fancy tv antenna. You don’t need to tap into your neighbor’s service (which is illegal by the way). You don’t even have to go to any of those life hacking or cheap living sites to learn how to build your own antenna. You have all you need right at home already. I will warn you that you do need a little free time and some patience, but that’s all.

Sometimes it takes up to an hour to process, but in the end, it could be worth it! What TV Stations Do I Get Free? I am currently getting • CBS • NBC • ABC • FOX • ION • PBS • The Weather Channel • WLRN (the educational station with the concerts and such) • and a few other networks in crystal clear high-definition, and I didn’t have any of the things I just mentioned In addition to that, I’m getting a bunch of SD stations as well: • FXM (Fox Movie Network) • BET • COZI • Antenna • Bounce • MEtv • Decades • ION Life • Qubo • H&I (Heroes & Icons–formerly Movies! I think) • and some other obscure Spanish, shopping & local stations. What Equipment Do I Use To Get Free HD TV? This is the best part! Nothing at all!

Mitchell on demand pro. Please work better on the 32-bit system.

All I have is my television which had a built-in HD tuner, and a cable connected to the wall jack. As you can see above, there isn’t a cable box. And I swear that I didn’t conveniently remove the antenna just for this article! So how did I get this extra, premium programming? Oh, you’re going to love this: It’s so simple it’s disgusting.

Totally Free Internet Tv To Pc

I scanned for it! Yes, that’s all I did to get all of those networks free of charge.

Totally Free Internet Tv Apps

All I had to do was go to my television’s setup, and tell it to scan for available stations. When it finished after an hour, it had found all of the standard stations which is included with the basic HOA package, plus about 32 or so “digital stations”. The best part was the tv’s built-in tuner also pulled in those in-between HD versions! After the scanning was done, all I had to do was go through the channels one at a time and when I came across one that was in standard def, I simply removed it from my available channels. Now, I know what you are thinkingthis must be some sort of fluke, like when you were a kid and set the tv to channel 2 and the cable box to the porn channel and you could see it semi-clearly.