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Uk arrival card sample

My question is as follows: Most non EU nationals need to submit a landing card to a UK Immigration officer upon arrival in the UK. You will need to specify on how long you will stay and your contact information. Download film harry potter 2 subtitle indonesia gratis. However What I do not understand how is it possible to keep a track record of these passengers, since when leaving the UK, you do not have to go through immigrations.

Uk arrival card sampleUk Landing Card Example

Uk Immigration Landing Card Sample

Neither a Stamp or part of the Landing card is forwarded to immigrations (as in Japan and the US). For example most countries will keep a track record in the immigration System, on how long someone stayed in a country, and not to overstay the permitted period. In most Countries people will have to go through immigrations upon arrival and departure, Also in the US there is no Immigrations when leaving the country, however Airline staff will collect a part of the green landing card, and forward it to U.S immigrations. Watch cartoons online spongebob movie.

Regards, AMS. As if all those green cards that are staped into our passports upon arrival into the US are actually matched up with the larger part taken away at INS. No but as they are numbered, they will match up. Had a friend who forgot to hand her card in back in 1998. Apparently was all sorted, until her most recent trip when they detained her and accused her of staying a year (her next trip was 1999) in the US and working. 2 hours later and they let her through. You definitely want to make sure they are taken off you if you ever intend on going back.

Sample pic of Landing Card Watch this Topic. Browse forums; All. Browse by destination. Tried to find a copy of the new landing card welloutofit but nowhere has updated their sample pics yet. THE NEW LANDING CARD IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT TO THE ONE IN THE LINK. United Kingdom.

Us Landing Card

I heard the most interesting piece of trivia regarding the USVISIT fingerprint/photo process for US arrivals. Apparently the photographs and fingerprints obtained are NOT transmitted to a central repository, but are stored only on the local drives of the PC to which the fingerprint and digital camera are attached. This has been confirmed to me by a number of sources within the US airline industry. I have no written source for this, but if true, it sheds an interesting light on the value of this process. I fail to see the point of Exit checks for departing passengers - the people are leaving, let them go, who cares!