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This page contains a compiled list of miscellaneous weapons found in Warriors Orochi 3 and its expansion titles. Most of these include previous weapons from other titles. Others are merely replicas of four star weapons only with unique visual effects to distinguish them in battle.

A large number of gems and some crystals are required to buy these weapons from the weapon dealer. They are always available for purchase so long as the player has enough crystals to make a transaction. Unlike their numbered counterparts, big star weapons initially start out with very low attack power and are about as strong as one star weapons at best. However, if these are wielded by a character with maximum weapon compatibility, they are automatically given a huge bonus of 54 attack points. This large boost in power makes them stronger than most four star weapons though there may be some exceptions. Each of the big star weapons has an unique effect that varies depending on the user. One character wielding a particular big star weapon may receive a temporary buff by hitting foes while another character is granted extra range in all of their attacks from the same armament.

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They can also be upgraded with to enhance their overall potency like any other weapon. Contents [] Shared Weapons The following weapons listed below can be used by two or more characters who share the same weapon type.