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Treasure Box image Treasures (貴重品, Kichōhin, lit. Treasures/Valuables) refer to the materials used to in the and the for the series. These items, at the cost of a spare weapon with weapon elements, can allow a particular character to experience new abilities whilst using their new weapon. This system encourages players to keep extra weapons and to fuse weapons often, rather than discarding if their inventory is full. They may be obtained either alone or while playing with another person. As long as the objectives are fulfilled, either player can claim it.

The games will sometimes generate two treasures, which will require both players to obtain it. Once the requirements for obtaining the item are fulfilled, a treasure will appear some where on the map (indicated by battle log history) and within an ornate box. The colors vary, either a bright red and gold container or a black and gold container will await the player. Players can check which treasures they have by browsing through the treasures listed in the Weapon Allocation section in the pre-battle menu. Highlighted names mean that they have been obtained at least once.

Pcunlocker.iso full free download. Apr 3, 2012 - Unlockable Rare Items. Listed below are the level, character and KO requirements that are needed to unlock the corresponding rare item. To get all the rare items in Warriors Orochi 3, you will have to finish the game on hard or harder difficulties. Warriors Orochi Rare items. Complete the specified task to unlock the corresponding.

Warriors Orochi 3 Rare Item List

Obtaining treasures is needed to unlock and -and in the future- for player use. Getting all of the treasures is also the requirements for one of the Dream Stages in the games. Old hindi mp3 songs.

The original release of Musou OROCHI Z changes the location of some treasures with both installments, so its requirements will also be listed below. Contents [] Warriors Orochi 2 Treasure Name Location Requirements Obsidian, Stage 1: Quickly finish the mission objectives. Jade, Stage 2: Quickly finish the mission objectives.

Amber, Stage 2: When the two generals succeed in their strategies, defeat the enemy strategist. Flourite, Stage 2: Protect the married couple and succeed with their plot. Silver, Stage 2: Defeat all enemy ambushes and reinforcements. Agate Orochi, Stage 2: Quickly break through the gate. Diamond Shu, Stage 3: Quickly hail for reinforcements. Malachite Wei, Stage 3: Make the named general an ally and defeat the enemy's war vehicles.

Warriors Orochi 3 Xbox One

Crystal Wu, Stage 3: Succeed in ally maneuvers and defeat the Young Phoenix. Sapphire Sengoku, Stage 3: Defeat many enemies while protecting the young brave general. Ruby Orochi, Stage 3: While protecting the ally bases, defeat the young general.

Amethyst Sengoku, Stage 4: Once the strategy begins, quickly defeat enemy generals in the path. Moonstone Orochi, Stage 4: Swiftly complete the plan and defeat the courageous generals in the field. Emerald Shu, Stage 5: Jia Meng Gate Protect the general who follows the path of the warrior and quickly defeat the real demon on the field. Pearl Wei, Stage 5: Quickly finish the Young Phoenix's plan. Onyx Wu, Stage 5: Succeed with the elderly general and rambunctious thief's plot without delay.

Warriors Orochi 3 Rare Item Guide

Garnet Orochi, Stage 5: Defeat all of the enemy ambushes and then head for the main keep. Aventurine Shu, Stage 6: Foil the demon's plots and defeat the demon quickly. Carnelian Wei, Stage 6: Yamatai Swiftly deal with the enemy's defenses and defeat the wild one. Opal Wu, Stage 6: Quickly defeat the elegant warrior. Topaz Samurai, Stage 6: Swiftly defeat the demon and foil the enemy's scheme.