Whisper Game Phrases

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History is a game of Chinese whispers, the history of religion being more susceptible to change than most. And people pick and choose which of God's words will 'always be' (like do not kill) and which will be swiftly swept under the carpet (a random example: i seem to remember a story about something like the woman who was offered for a guest to sleep with instead of a male, so that the vile act of homosexual sex did not have to occur, but the morally upstanding act of having sex with a female who has not been asked either way does, purely for the entertainment of a guest. My memory of it is bad as it is not repeated like the others so many times. Good job on the sweeping) So let's not use words like 'always be' as if we actually beleive the words of early versions of the bible, which condone many acts which are now illegal in this country for moral reasons. • Tell us some more • Upload in Progress • Upload failed.

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Whisper Game PhrasesPhrases

The whisper challenge is best played with a whole group of people as it follows the concept of the more, the merrier. If you want to have funny whisper challenge phrases that the other person would definitely mess up, pick out some phrases for whisper challenge from the above list and see the other player muddle up the whole thing. Enjoyed reading?

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Chinese Whisper Game Phrases

• To play the Telephone or the Broken Telephone game, there should be a minimum of 6-8 heads. Try including as many people as you can as it will make the game more fun and entertaining. • Make everyone stand in a straight line. For bigger groups, even a circular arrangement would work. • Start the game by whispering a word or preferably a phrase in the ear of the person standing next to you. Try whispering as softly as possible to avoid any other person from hearing it.

Whisper Game Phrases For Kids

Let's assume that the phrase whispered is 'bananas are better than biscuits.' • The next person whispers whatever he/she heard to the person standing next to him, and the game continues in this fashion until the last person receives the phrase. • The fun actually begins when each person hears and communicates a different version of the original phrase to the next person. So for instance, the third or fourth person might have heard 'bananas are bitter than biscuits', and till it reaches the last person, it could have been something like this, 'bandannas are butter and lipsticks.' • The first and the last person say aloud the original and modified phrase, respectively.

Whispering Game Phrases

In most cases, both the phrases have no connection at all, especially the last phrase being completely weird and funny, getting a hearty laugh out of everyone.